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I'm Teeauna

I STARTED WITH 0 EXPERIENCE, JUST LIKE YOU.  And in TWO years, I became an experienced driver and scaled my company into a whole fleet. 

But as my company was growing, I realized that I was battling an industry in which most trucking companies go under in less than 2 years. But after my success, I started to realize that if I had a skill like mine, there must be tons of other truckers just like me struggling to keep their companies going.

I trial-and-errored my way to understanding the business side of trucking, how to create passive income, so that aspiring owner operators wouldn’t have to. 

How can you get started?

This guide is catered to the ones who just don’t know where to start at all , who are just lost on what it takes to just BEGIN , I walk you through the ground level of every entry aspect .

In this trucking playbook I will guide you from the bottom to the top of the Trucking Chain .

  • Obtaining your CDL

  • Behind the wheel maneuver expectations

  • Written test requirements including DMV checklist

  • Owning a Trucking Company

  • List of the Critical Paperwork requirements of the FMCSA to have an active MC authority and start your legitimate business.

  • The essential tips that “don’t get shared” to save time during your start up process. :Guidance on In house Freight Dispatcher

  • The Vital role of a dispatcher

  • Load board & Broker Plug list that offer direct load board access

  • Equipment and start up requirements for in house or starting your Dispatch Company.

  • Opportunity to take your business to the next level

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